Use common spaces, make connections and inspire each other – make your best ideas come true!


When designing the business center “Žalgirio 135“, we sought to create an environment that would inspire work, creation and communication. We can offer our lesers a strategically convenient location, infrastructure that meets modern needs and engineering solutions that guarantee a comfortable and healthy work environment. Our goal is to offer a place for people who will work here, to feel like one cohesive community. Therefore, we have installed attractive and functional common areas: a roof terrace, a cozy courtyard, a spacious hall. The business center is strategically located in a convenient location, so we encourage employees to choose alternative vehicles: bicycles, scooters, rollers. “Žalgirio 135“, has a bicycle storage room, tidy paths run from all sides of Vilnius, and shower rooms for sporty employees. If you go to work by car, we also thought of - you will always find a place to park your car.

Our workplace directly affects our productivity and mood. “Žalgiris 135“, has a health-friendly microclimate which is created by efficient ventilation, regulated humidity and temperature. Each workplace is provided with natural light. Everything you need for a energetic day!


Usually, the best ideas come from an informal environment. We assure, that the community of “Žalgiris 135” business center will have enough space to breathe and communicate with colleagues. Common leisure and entertainment areas bring people together and make connections, it also creates an atmosphere from which people are not in a hurry to go home after work.



The business center has a modern restaurant where you can have a delicious lunch and also celebrate with guests or staff.



On the 6th floor of the building you will find 120 sq. m outdoor terrace with free Wi-Fi, sunbeds and tables. You can discuss your results, while watching the beautiful sunsets in Vilnius city.



Directly from the second floor hall you will reach 1000 sq. m courtyard with free Wi-Fi. Only lesers of the business center (with magnetic keys) can enter the yard.



In the spacious hall of the business center you will find a place to sit if you need to wait a minute for colleagues or late guests.


Shower rooms

If you want to freshen up before work or a meeting, the shared showers are carefully maintained and regularly cleaned.


Bicycle infrastructure

There are bicycle paths around “Žalgiris 135“ on all sides. Employees are encouraged to choose alternative vehicles. Therefore, for your comfort, the business center is equipped with a spacious bicycle storage room.


Engineering solutions

Well-created infrastructure and engineering solutions make the “135“ business center an exceptionally convenient place to work. Spaces here are designed for human well-being. Each workplace is provided with natural light. Fresh air is very important for the productivity of our employees, therefore we have installed modern ventilation and humidification systems. A good quality climate in the office does not irritate the respiratory tract, does not dry out the skin and allows you to stay fresh and energetic all day long. Our engineering solutions are certified by the BREEAM certificate (rated "Excellent"), which means that the building meets the highest standards of sustainability and environmental friendliness.


If you have any questions we are ready for a meeting to explain you everything.

Monika Tatarūnė

Senior leasing projects manager +370 618 80528 m.tatarune@newsec.lt

Modestas Žukauskas

Property Manager +370 610 81218 m.zukauskas@newsec.lt